About Firefly


At Firefly Academy we believe children gather and retain information best through the process of discovery directed by internal motivation. Socialization is a key component in personal and educational development and needs to be fostered in early childhood experience and education. We believe through play, developmentally appropriate and intellectually stimulating activities children will achieve better preparedness for lifelong learning.

Montessori elements that will be retained in our program are multi-age/multi-ability classroom settings, self-directed learning, and the process of learning through positive peer-influence while remaining independent and in control of one’s choices within limits. We will also have access to Montessori Materials, many are self-correcting, allowing the child to be his/her own teacher and all have many objectives built in to the design. We firmly believe in providing a “prepared environment” to allow for freedom of choice.

We strongly believe and evidence supports that children move through stages in a set order, but not necessarily at a set pace, this is one of many reasons we believe in the richness of a multi-age program. Others include, but are not limited to: the positive interaction between and among mixed ages provides a framework to develop compassion, leadership, responsibility, accountability, and empathy.

Firefly Academy provides the highest quality preschool learning environment through nurturing your child’s inner teacher, fueling self-discovery and awareness and by facilitating creative and social stimulation in a safe and supportive atmosphere.