Saturday School & Drop-ins


Saturday School is held on the first and third Saturdays of each month from 5pm to 9pm.  We provide a safe, fun, educational atmosphere with a healthy dinner and interesting activities to keep your child engaged while you are out on the town!  Firefly Academy is within walking distance to all of downtown Port Townsend.  Hours may be flexible to accommodate the occasional late running event, interest permitting.  We are also available for private childcare on other evenings for parties, conferences and other events.

Saturday School pricing is $10 per hour or special punchcard rates below. 50% sibling discount. Drop-In Punchcards may be used for Saturday School.

Drop-ins are also welcome, space permitting. The fee for a drop-in is $10/hr. Space is not guaranteed for drop-in participants.

Drop-in Punch cards : Allow for flexibility, only pay for hours you use, prepayment required. Limited space is generally available but not guaranteed. All regular drop-in students pay a $50 annual registration fee. Hours must be purchased in advance.

$800/100 hours

$360/40 hours

$185/20 hours

$95/10 hours

We offer occasional punch card specials. Significant discount given for more hours purchased in advance. Please inquire with the Director. For siblings, 1 hour deducted for first child. 1/2 hour deducted for second.

Fore more info or to sign up for Saturday School call Erica Delma at 360-471-6778, Laura Faber at 360-821-1602, or email